Winchendon History


History of Winchendon Massachusetts.

Winchendon was first around 1750 although the House of Representatives made the grand of New Ipswich Canada, (now Winchendon) on June 10, 1735.   Settlements were established and wood products were among the first manufactured products sold.   At one point, Winchendon was known as “Shingletown” because of the success of one of its products: wood shingles!   Water power was harnassed to a greater extent after the 1850′s and Winchendon grew a strong manufacturing industry with cotton mills, woodworking, metal working, and wooden toys.  Winchendon at one time had the largest toy factory in the world and became known as “Toy Town”.   For more information on the history of Winchendon Massachusetts from the official town website, click here.

Some highlights of Winchendon History:

  • Incorporated 1764
  • Named after Nether Winchendon, Buckinghamshire, England
  • Morton E. Converse participated in various businesses in the town including making toys from 1883 to 1934.
  • Because of the volume of toys made in Winchendon it became known as Toy Town.
  • original Rocking Horse was built in 1912 and was named Clyde.   The current replica in a covered pavilion was sculpted in 1988.
  • Winchendon has a total area of 44.1 square miles of which .8 square miles is water.